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Who we are

A group of believers in Idaho who seek to share story through writing fiction & non-fiction, cover art, design, editing, narrating, podcasting and more.

What we do

We foster community and creativity through bi-weekly, monthly and annual events. We pray for each other and share experiences, encouragement and praise. We are a safe place for artists.

What we believe

We have a good, Uncreated Creator God who loves us and wants to have a relationship with us, but the problem of evil in the world and in our own hearts, separates us from Him. This fractured relationship is the source of all horror, misery, and chaos in the world and in us, which pains the heart of our Creator. He wants us to know for sure that He is, that He loves us, and that He desires to know and be known by us.

The solution is God in human flesh, in the person we know from New Testament eye witnesses as Jesus Christ. This Jesus walked our earth and suffered a death that atoned for all the evil in the world and in our own hearts. According to Scripture, this death of Jesus Christ reconciled all of creation, including us, to the Creator.

Now, if we want, we can have a relationship with our Creator God–a father/child relationship, a friendship–a relationship that reorients our hearts and allows us to enter into a healing communion with our Creator and each other that was meant to be from the beginning of time. Out of gratitude, because of  reoriented hearts, and as writers who claim this salvation through Jesus Christ, we believe everything we create including our interactions with each other should, explicitly or implicitly, reflect our relationship with this Creator God.

Our Mission

The mission of IdaHope Christian Writers (ICW) is to provide support, hope, and guidance for people who desire to pursue the writing craft. We strive to foster a community for creatives who will contribute to a faith-filled, nurturing environment.

IdaHope Christian Writers (ICW) is a 501(c)(3) non profit.