Michael Ehret loves to play with words in different playgrounds. He has worked as the editor of CHEFS Mix Blog for CHEFS Catalog. Other playgrounds include being the Managing Editor of the magazine ACFW Journal and the ezine Afictionado for seven years. He served as editor-in-chief for Jerry Jenkins' Christian Writing Guild. He also plays with words as a freelance editor and has edited several nonfiction books, proof edited for Abingdon Press, worked in corporate communications, and reported for The Indianapolis Star.

  • Writerly Wednesdays

    Writing Lessons from My Dogs

    Sometimes, when I’m goofing with my two dogs, Baxter and Taffy, God will snap his fingers, hold his hand over my nose, and tell me to, “Sit. Stay. Listen.” And when I do, I learn valuable lessons. Almost every morning, I have the same breakfast—two slices of peanut butter toast. I love peanut butter. At one point in my (much younger) life, I was going to marry peanut butter. My siblings still make fun of me for this—I do not care. However, during the year I was working from home as a freelance editor, every morning Baxter and Taffy would come and sit attentively near the table, convinced I would…