• Niccole Perrine, Author of Children’s “Joy Series”

    The relationships and experience that IdaHope gave me proved invaluable as I went from being an aspiring writer to growing into the ‘real deal’. I can honestly say the influence of other Christian writers gave me confidence, hope, and wisdom as I navigated my writing journey.

  • Claudia Bernard

    I appreciate all the information and support I received when I lived in Idaho and attended Idahope. Thank you, everyone!

  • Rebecca Carey Lyles, author of the Kate Neilson Series, Prisoners of Hope Series, and the Children of the Light Series

    Before my husband and I moved to Idaho, I belonged to writers’ groups in other states, where I made great friends and learned how to hone my craft. However, I didn’t find the faith-based camaraderie Idahope Christian Writers offers. We worship together, pray together, party and picnic together. Lifelong friendships, critique partners and groups, plus at least one book club have been birthed by ICW. Having been a member since day one, I’ve been privileged to watch multiple members publish multiple books in multiple genres, thanks to the encouragement and training we receive. After the long pandemic pause, I’m excited for the ICW reboot!!!

  • Lisa Michelle Hess, Author and ICW Board Member

    My eyes are actually welling up a little bit as I think about how important the writers at ICW have been to my writing journey over the last decade. From brainstorming, critique and editing, to invaluable writing and publishing advice, mentorship and resources. Not to mention the importance of ready access and encouragement when it comes to the unique challenges of being a writer and artist of the Christian faith. ICW has been with me every step of the way. https://www.lisamichellehess.com/