Mary McGuire is an educator who has taught kindergarten through post graduate doctoral students. Her teaching assignments began in Wyoming and Idaho but took her on adventures around the world, teaching in China, Ghana and South Africa. Her non-fiction publications include The Role of Discourse in Mathematical Inquiry (2002) published in ERIC, Making the Lyrics Sing for Struggling Readers: An Insider’s View (2004) dissertation, Reading with Rhythm: Defeating the Summer Slide Through Reading, Rhythm, and Song in a Summer Literacy Camp coauthored and published in AOSA Orff Echo Winter (2014), and contributing a chapter on Instructional Strategies in Principals of Teaching textbook published by Faith & Action Team (2021). Mary hopes to complete her first fiction novel very soon.

  • Fiction Friday

    A Modern-Day Parable

    A certain man had two children, and the younger of the two said, “Father, give me my inheritance. And the man divided his property between the two children. Not many days later, the younger child gathered all she had and took a journey into a far country, where she squandered what she had on riotous living. And when she had spent everything, there arose in the land pestilence and rioting and looting in the streets. And she joined with them, turning her back on all she knew of the Father’s ways. Every day, her father watched at the door for her return. But in the back room, kneeling in supplication…