Monday Meditations


Recently, I found myself with unusual downtime. I couldn’t even read, which most writers consider part of their job. I had hours of nothing.

Mostly, I didn’t want sand in the charging port of my iPad–but it was also too bright to see. It occurred to me, on the beach, that I measure my days in activities.

Even on vacation, I measure days by bike rides, walks, or swimming. I’ve never tallied the nothings. I don’t check off a box for the event of stillness.

So after a few hours of shifting to angle a different side of my face toward the sun or shade, and listening to waves, I wondered why rest can’t be an activity?

Put “nothing” on the schedule

Maybe you are better at planning rest, but I feel like most of us mostly wait for mandatory rest, like illness. It was a loving God who scheduled a rhythm of rest in the Sabbath mandate.

Removing activities brings rest, but more than renewal and regeneration happen when you do nothing.


You’ve probably experienced the shower solution. Not that standing under running water is magic, but focusing on something other than the problem can bring the solution.

More than a solution, emptying yourself of focus brings space to create.

If you find your prayer life stymied. Try sitting still and inviting God to speak instead. “Search me God and know my heart…” Psalm 139:23

And if you have writer’s block (or just find other areas of your life creatively unproductive) try pulling back from the physical & mental work of solution seeking…and just rest.

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  • Hilarey Johnson

    Hilarey Johnson grew up hearing that she would be a good student if she could get her head out of the clouds. Her daydreaming still makes it possible to get lost driving anywhere. She loves characters with a hidden or unknown worth who rise up to claim their identity. She writes redemptive stories from Idaho and travels in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. Someday Hilarey hopes to time travel. She is the author of Breaking Bonds, and Dance of the Crane fiction series. She has written books and articles for Guideposts, Brio Magazine, Christian Living Magazine, local news papers such as the Times-News, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza and others. She blogs weekly about "Intimacy with God for the Over-Churched" at Hilarey Johnson is the current President of ICW.

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