• Writerly Wednesdays

    Write Bravely: Dare to Live Your Dream

    “Writing begins and ends with loving Jesus.” Gregory Coles Idahope Christian Writer’s Conference taught us to write bravely. We learned we can break the industry formula or master writing forms with conviction. We not only write bravely but also edit and market with confidence. Greg Coles offered six powerful thoughts on bravery. To write bravely, we must remember that our vulnerability as writers is a gift to believers and ourselves. Our writing comes from the heart; thus, it begins and ends with loving Jesus. Write bravely! Not all views expressed are those of every member of ICW.

  • Monday Meditations

    Move On, Dear Writer

    Recently, I listened to a masterclass from author Dan Brown. He mentioned you can get to a point in the editing process where you edit out the “magic” from the first few drafts. The excitement, and the fire—the thing that made the story special. Similarly, I once heard in a class from Robin Lee Hatcher (February 2024 Monthly Meeting Speaker!) that there comes a point when you need to stop researching your historical and write it. Because you can research forever… especially if, like her, you enjoy research. Participants in critique groups can polish the first 30% of their story for years, even a decade, but never finish a manuscript.…

  • Monday Meditations

    The Taming of the Inner Critic

    It isn’t uncommon to write because you read something that lacked, and you thought you could do better. It’s probably true that it lacked–not all writing is going to move you to silent awe. Then the idea grows, and you experience an almost ethereal thrill. The process happening is beyond you. It’s so good. Your story is the best. Of course, you plummet during re-reading or editing. “I don’t even know what I was thinking. How can I decipher this?” Your writing is the worst. The truth is, it’s neither. It’s just writing. And that is a normal process, especially when you are close to the work and bleeding on…

  • Monday Meditations

    Little Steps

    I hadn’t seen my friend in a while. She looked good. I asked if she’d lost weight.“Yes.”I asked how.“I started watching what I ate. And I ate a little less.” She was at least the third person in a handful of weeks who I’d noticed looking stronger, more confident, and fit. All of them said something similar. They made a few changes over a long period. Changes so small that no one really noticed the first six months. Typically, I would prefer a new dress size the first day I skip dessert, but that isn’t genuine change. It’s a miracle. Little Compromises Have you ever been warned that small compromises…

  • Monday Meditations

    Put Yourself Out There

    “Then I said, “Put a clean turban on his head.” So they put a clean turban on his head and clothed him, while the angel of the LORD stood by.” Zechariah 3:5 Part of the creative nature of an artist or writer is the sensitivity. Unfortunately, sensitive people can bruise easily. Something bubbles within your soul and you cannot contain it. You release it from your fingertips, it flows into words. OK, now what do I do with it? There is an earnest desire to share it, to share this piece of your heart. The problem is: it would be like exposing yourself naked, for all to view. Who wants…