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Move On, Dear Writer

Recently, I listened to a masterclass from author Dan Brown. He mentioned you can get to a point in the editing process where you edit out the “magic” from the first few drafts. The excitement, and the fire—the thing that made the story special.

Similarly, I once heard in a class from Robin Lee Hatcher (February 2024 Monthly Meeting Speaker!) that there comes a point when you need to stop researching your historical and write it. Because you can research forever… especially if, like her, you enjoy research.

Participants in critique groups can polish the first 30% of their story for years, even a decade, but never finish a manuscript. Continually changing it to meet the whims and nitpicks of their friends.

Perfectionism prevents growth in all areas, not just writing. And living in an endless feedback loop of “what if” will never get you where you want to be.

Someone in my book club recently asked another writer if they wished they could go back and rewrite one of their first novels. My initial thought was, “Sure.” I thought I could certainly make it better with a decade more of knowledge.

But the writer asked answered, “No.” She said the person who she was wrote the story. Now she is a new person, and it would be a different story.

Setting aside the fact that learning how to complete a manuscript is one of the greatest educations a writer can experience…sometimes you just need to stop the prep.

And write your story.

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  • Hilarey Johnson

    Hilarey Johnson grew up hearing that she would be a good student if she could get her head out of the clouds. Her daydreaming still makes it possible to get lost driving anywhere. She loves characters with a hidden or unknown worth who rise up to claim their identity. She writes redemptive stories from Idaho and travels in the Pacific Northwest with her husband. Someday Hilarey hopes to time travel. She is the author of Breaking Bonds, and Dance of the Crane fiction series. She has written books and articles for Guideposts, Brio Magazine, Christian Living Magazine, local news papers such as the Times-News, North Lake Tahoe Bonanza and others. She blogs weekly about "Intimacy with God for the Over-Churched" at Hilarey Johnson is the current President of ICW.

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