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Change Can Work Wonders

Change the format you use for your writing, and watch it work wonders.

During my writing journey for my first book, I initially struggled with the format. I began with my journal entries, and collaborated with my sister via Google Docs for long-distance editing. I could see her edits, and I made the necessary changes in my manuscript. We spent hours editing the raw material, and then creating the manuscript in the form of dated journal entries.

One day, a divine revelation struck: Transform the manuscript into a story. My challenge was to figure out how, especially as my sister continued to edit journal pages. One day, I ran across my special and pretty writing book, in which I was accustomed to jot down stories and revelations. Guess what was in this pretty pink book?

I discovered the story format I needed all along! Amazing!

With this newfound clarity came the solution. I quickly completed and self-published my first book, God’s Prosperity. The process became much simpler from that point on.

Writing books in story form has enabled me to increase the pace of my writing and publishing. In December 2023, I released my fifth book, having taken to heart all those lessons I learned with my first book in 2019.

Do you struggle with writing in one format or another? Consider praying about the format you are using and see what God will do.


  • Nek'ka Migel

    Nek’ka Migel, the author of four books, including the children's book "Camille Goes to the Dentist," has shared numerous stories on https://medium.com/@wealthyneeka. Her author page, featuring her books, can be found at https://mailchi.mp/0edae3cf931c/nekkamigel. Currently, Nek’ka oversees the Anna Grace Foundation, Inc., dedicated to assisting single parents in discovering local resources through one-to-one meetings, life coaching, bi-monthly Zoom support group chats, and quarterly live events. Having been a single mom for 16 years, Nek’ka has now been married for 11 years. And her children are grown and married.

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